Kate Fletcher’s Local Wisdom event at London College of Fashion

Kate Fletcher’s most recent project, Local Wisdom, records stories of resourceful garment use across the globe. She amplifies these use practices which shape the life of garments after the point of purchase. The goal is to change perceptions on experiencing fashion purely expressed through shopping as perpetuated by the fashion industry but as (in Kate’s own words) ‘shaped by our capabilities, experiences and achievements as well as our commodities’ (see the official website here and a video clip of Kate’s opening words for the event).

The 5-year research project concluded in a one-day event at the London College of Fashion in March this year (and I believe a book is in the pipeline, too). And what an honour to be part of it on at its various stages: from being photographed with my garment and telling its story, to helping record part of the extensive and rich contributions, witnessing the website becoming live online and working on my commissioned design work in response to the project. It all culminated in an engaging event in March with talks from prolific thinkers (Jonathon Porritt), powerful poetry (Sabrina Mahfouz), heart-warming performance art, engaging collaborative creative workshops and even a Tending and Grooming station to give your clothes to care it deserves. I met some amazing people in the workshops I helped facilitate and was fortunate enough to be invited to a special post-event outing on a ship on the Thames where I got to meet the partners of the project from all over the world (Parsons, New York; Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand; California College of the Arts, San Fransisco; Kolding Design School, Denmark; RMIT, Melbourne, Australia and Emily Carr, Vancouver, Canada).

Here a few images from the event (sorry, not great!)… more from the ship & my contributions coming sooooon….


Kate Fletcher speaking about her Local Wisdom project


Slide from Kate’s presentation featuring my work: ‘The Seam Decoder’


Anna-Maria Hesse from Here Today Here Tomorrow at the exhibition


Stories & photos exhibition from Local Wisdom


The Tending and Grooming station – fantastic photo courtesy of John Thackara. See his piece on the event here: http://www.doorsofperception.com/sustainability-design/keep-your-stuff-alive/


Alina Moat (PhD student, LCF) and Yasmine Ostendort (Cape Farewell) reimagine the world on a huge beach ball


A video where we expect the garments we throw away disappear into the black hole, only they don’t disappear but bounce back into the space…


Heart-warming performance art


Panel discussion with the partners from design & fashion schools all over the world



Materials from the rice paper collar-making workshop


Our collar workshop summary: sticky, steamy, crunchy, curly, stiff, crackly, vulnerable, hydropositive, smooth


Poet Sabrina Mahfouz summarising the day so succinctly that I had little tears in my eyes


Meanwhile at the LCF gallery, fellow MA Fashion & Environment student Kat Thiel exhibits her zero-waste work with prints form the 3D body scanner


Kat Thiel’s supercool work can be found at http://anotherframe.wordpress.com









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