Exhibition: Textile Toolbox TEDs TEN

Just a very quick post & a few impressions from my visit to Chelsea School of Art (UAL). Although the research group emphasised that the exhibit was designed to feature online (and they’ve done a great job), I was keen to use the opportunity of their 24-hour pop-up exhibit in the grand ‘red room’ to see the textiles in flesh (and chat to folk, too). There were 10 stalls addressing each of the TED’s TEN and stunning examples they were, too. Melanie Bowles & Kathy Round’s interactive Smörgåsbord was visually compelling and added an element of fun. I particularly felt drawn to Clara Vuletich’s INNER/OUTER jacket, a piece that can evolve and grow in meaning and beauty over time (reminded me of Japanese Boro textiles). Its description stated the jacket to be a ‘comforting and protective companion’ on the journey to sustainability.

IMG_2263 IMG_2259 IMG_2258 IMG_2254 IMG_2256IMG_2248 IMG_2250 IMG_2251 IMG_2252 IMG_2253  IMG_2257IMG_2255 IMG_2243 IMG_2246IMG_2245  IMG_2247 IMG_2260


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