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Anja is German-American and spent her childhood in Indonesia and her youth in Germany. Since moving to the UK in 2004 for her BA, she has worked as a designer in industry, for the sportswear brand PUMA for example as well as interning for Christopher Raeburn. In an attempt to marry personal values and professional expertise, she undertook an MA in Fashion and the Environment at London College of Fashion (now called MA Fashion Futures), where cross-disciplinary investigations on emotion, behaviour and garment use informed her work. She graduated with distinction.

Enabling the both wearer and designer to engage with meaningful and personal expression through fashion, memory has become a re-occurring theme. ‘Open’ garments allow for interaction, playfulness and change. This can manifest itself in garment through photographic prints or human hair embroidery, for example. Transience and change are viewed as everpresent constants in life, nature and fashion – the possibilities this offers for sustainable design solutions is the main raison d’être of Anja’s practice.

In October 2013 she was awarded a PhD studentship at the Univeristy of Brighton where she is researching these topics in more depth. The working title of the project is “The future shape of design: a toolkit for designing longer-lasting material experiences”.

email: anjaccrabb [at] gmail [dot] com


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