MA Project Experimentation

I Dot-to-dot


Inspired by Kusama’s obliteration room and the Bauhaus exhibition at the Barbican. But really it started with an accident: I was testing the light-fastness of natural dyes (hence the little swatches hanging in my window) and then: those bursts of primary colours look fresh on the rather subtle subdued hues. And: it’s rather fun!

Inspiration: Yayoi Kusama’s obliteration room

‘Obliterating’ a dress

First test: light fastness of natural dyes

Inspiration: blurry dots

chalky nr. 1

chalky nr. 2

Chalky 3

II Compostable Plastic


I first encountered bioplastic through a project of my course mates in a previous term and then again at Central St. Martin’s MA Textile Futures exhibition – a course tackling similar topics as us but taking a wider angle and more textile-based solutions. I could write a whole post on the amazing things they’ve come up with (randomized results, rain palette, real fake fur and uplastic being among my faves, catalogue can be downloaded from their website) but I found one project compatible with mine and have since met up with Young Ju Do and we’re collaborating on this project now. The timing was a bit unfortunate that the plastic she made didn’t have time to dry and I unexperienced with the process was left with it… and it went a bit wrong, moulding and cracking BUT I did get to laser cut the pieces to test and for the final collection I’ll leave it to the pro! And they do look amazing when they’re done right…

Ju’s jewelry

Ah shame about the black dots, amazingly intense turquoise!

This one went really dry and hard and cracked, the consistency was unlike any of the others which were quite flexible.

This one worked.

The black seemed to have worked! really sturdy and looks like rubber. Love it.

Midnight blue with gold leaf

Very lovely deep purple

The gold seems to have stained the plastic slightly as well. But not much mold nor cracking on this one, yay!

Beautiful shade of orange… we’ll get there.

The other day I also went to see Lily  who also makes bioplastic jewelry in her studio in Surbiton. She does workshops and sells her formula in little bottles, has a good little set-up there. She kindly spared me some of her time to have a chat about her experience with working with bio-starches to create plastics – namely that they are like nature: unpredictable in behaviour, irregular in shape and seem to have a mind of their own and that one should embrace these characteristics when working with them. Wise words!

Lili’s design

Samples from Lily


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